Self-leveling Underlayment

Grout Wel 808 is a one-component, cement-based self-leveling mortar, manufactured according to the additive formula of TMAX Thailand Corporation, a specified research and development group, composed of high strength cement, silicate mineral aggregates. special additives and specialized additives to create the necessary physicochemical properties for the product. When mixed with water, it will produce a self-leveling mortar, after hardening, it will create a flat, glossy, waterproof floor, compressive strength equal to or higher than that of cement/sand mortar.

Đóng gói: 25kg/bao

Màu sắc:

- Không co ngót, không rạn nứt bề mặt trong quá trình đóng rắn.
- Cường độ phát triển nhanh và cao, mau đưa công trình vào sử dụng.
- Liên kết tốt với tất cả các bề mặt vật liệu gốc từ xi măng kể cả trong trường hợp bị ẩm.
- Kháng hóa chất, kháng dầu, kháng mài mòn cơ học cao.
- Cho phép phủ lớp nhựa epoxy sau 24 giờ bảo dưỡng.
- Tăng cường khả năng chống mài mòn, chống dầu, chống nhiễm bẩn, chống ẩm, chống thấm cho bề mặt nền, sàn.
- Không độc hại, không mùi, thân thiện môi trường.

- Grout Wel 808 is a one-component, cement-based pre-mixed mortar that, after mixing with water, will produce a high-flow, self-levelling grout. Used for surfaces that need to be leveled or refurbished before applying other finishing works for concrete floors and floors in places with medium and light loads such as: factory floor, parking lot, lake bottom swimming pool, water tank epoxy floor, vinyl, tile, wooden floor, ...

- Before applying, clean the surface free of grease and impurities.
- The absorbent surface needs to be saturated but not stagnant. Use pressure water to wash away impurities and dirt.
- Adhesive plaques or weak concrete surfaces need to be completely chiseled away by mechanical means.
- Put Grout Wel80 slowly into the tank of clean water that has been pre-quantified with a mixing ratio of 5 liters of clean water for 25 kg of powder. Continuously stir with the mixer at maximum speed of 500 rpm for about 5 minutes until the mixture is no longer lumpy and homogeneous as required. Leave the mixture for 3 minutes and then mix again before applying.
- Pour the mixed grout onto the cleaned floor and the expansion joints have been securely covered;
- If the floor is large, after grouting should be cut to create a maximum expansion joint of 4m x 4m.
- Use a serrated brush (the tooth root height depends on the desired mortar thickness) to spread evenly over the surface;
- Then use a roller to degas the surface, self-leveling mortar will fill in the convex, concave, and self-leveling positions to create a smooth, moisture-proof surface.
- After 24 hours, the self-leveling mortar layer dries and hardens, the next steps can be applied to finish the interior.
- When the connecting primer is dry (no longer sticky to hands), it is necessary to roll another layer before applying Wel808 self-leveling mortar.
- Do not use materials that have expired construction time.
- Cleaning: Clean tools with clean water immediately after use and before the mixture begins to harden.
- May cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin with prolonged contact.
- Should wear gloves, masks, safety glasses when working with the product.
- Do not inhale the smell of dirt too much.
- In case of getting into eyes, nose, mouth... should immediately wash with clean water many times.
- Before going to the nearest medical facility for timely and proper treatment.
- To keep out of reach of children.


With the meticulous investment in the quality of Mosaic glass tiles for a swimming pool project over 500m2, Mr. Thu - a fastidious customer came to WELMAX Vietnam to negotiate and ask for cooperation in using Welmax's products for his project. Welmax Vietnam's professional engineers and construction workers have surveyed and implemented the project, completed and put it into stable operation.
With the rapid development of infrastructure in recent years, along with it is the strict demand for the quality of the finishing works. The team of engineers and construction contractors have trusted Welmax Vietnam and signed contracts for high-class apartment construction projects in Hanoi city. With volume up to hundreds of tons per day. Meeting the demand for quality as well as urgent
The level of construction works is the castles and villas of trillions of dong. To create that luxury, Welmax Vietnam is proud to accompany art architecture projects. Welmax offers a line of high-quality tile adhesives and circuit glues for castle tiling projects, With tiles and stones up to 2mx2m in size, to ensure durability, certainty, safety but high requirements. In terms of aesthetics,
Recently, Welmax Vietnam signed a contract with a general contractor for the renovation, replacement and construction of amusement parks and high-class urban art marble corridors of some provinces. southwest. It is known that this is a large-scale project chain and for the first time applying high-tech technology, replacing the conventional construction method.
In the provincial market, Welmax is proud to have reputable and professional distributors, contributing to helping customers completely trust and be assured of the quality of products and services. Recently in Bac Ninh City, Welmax Level 1 Distributor has represented and signed a contract with a customer to supply colorful tile and circuit glue products for a prestigious and classy 5-star hotel project. the highest level of Kinh Bac.

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