10 years ago, the period when the private economy in Vietnam was developing, in the context that Vietnam's economy was integrating deeply into the world economy, like many other businesses, WELMAX VIETNAM had to face with difficulties in operating model, management system and outdated production technology compared to the common ground.

The company's leadership has oriented to accelerate modernization by restructuring to match the growing scale of development in both breadth and depth, pioneering the application of science and technology in production, business practice and orientation to bring Vietnamese products to the international market.

With the acumen of the market economy, the company's leadership has made bold decisions, which some people consider to be reckless. The policy of synchronizing the system of machinery and equipment and officially laying the foundation for WELMAX VIETNAM  steps into the field of production of Tiling Adhesives, GRILLING GLASSES, WATERPROOFING AND WATERPROOFING....

This decision marks a pioneering turning point in the Vietnamese tile adhesive market, not only changing the mindset and way of using new products for the building materials industry, in each family, for each project, project. project ...

is the driving force for WELMAX VIETNAM to develop its journey during the past 10 years, constantly affirming its leading position in the total solution of finishing tiling in construction. Especially in the finished building materials industry, traditional trade channels are still the area that accounts for the largest proportion of sales. After success with WELMAX tile adhesive brand. The company's management has determined that the domestic market is important and continuously expands production, diversifying products and business systems in localities. 2018 marks the fact that WELMAX VIETNAM holds the No. 1 market share in key product lines, but also forms a joint venture with partner TMAX THAILAND to distribute and enter into a joint venture with international branded product lines into the Vietnamese market. A large enterprise is not only a business with a surplus of many billion dong, but it must be an enterprise that can bring value to millions of customers, which the Board of Directors has cherished for a long time for the dream of producing products. Vietnamese products reach out to the world. Once in possession of a large-scale factory system, WELMAXNAVIETNAM's product ecosystem is continuously expanded to diversify product lines from tile adhesives, circuit rubs produced by the company in addition to other brands. product lines that the company imports from its partner in Thailand. At this time, the direct competitors in the industry are no longer domestic enterprises, but foreign brands that have dominated the world for decades. In order to enter the big market, dominate and challenge competitors, the company's leadership soon determined to focus on the core values ​​of improving quality, diversifying products, meeting needs and trends. market position through pioneering the application of the most modern technology in production. The worthy result of this unremitting effort is a large market share in Vietnam with VICIN branded Adhesives. WELMAX. RED DRAGON  vvv. This investment will help VICIN, WELMAX, RED DRAGON Tile Adhesive products cựchave a huge competitive advantage in the market with perfect quality, unbeatable price and meet the most stringent standards in terms of quality. product . It can be said that, under the leadership of the Company's Board of Directors, corporate culture is always promoted in the direction of positive innovation, professionalization, and product quality improvement to position prestige and brand, with Expecting to build a social enterprise with the stature of a national brand enterprise, the biggest success of WELMAXVIETNAM is to convince domestic consumers to use the values ​​that products and services bring. to Vietnamese consumers. They accept and trust WELMAX VIETNAM products with the attitude of a quality product of Vietnamese people and support a reputable domestic enterprise. This has given us an equal business opportunity and fair competition with foreign competitors. Time will prove whether WELMAX VIETNAM can really do it or not,  that is completely grounded when looking at the development path up to today. From a small manufacturing unit, up to now, WELMAX VIETNAM has sales, distribution network all over the country, factory system applying the most modern technology in the industry. However, WELMAX VIETNAM is not satisfied with its current successes. “Our success is still ahead. All is just the beginning.


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