Project of 5-star hotel in Bac Ninh city

In the provincial market, Welmax is proud to have reputable and professional distributors, contributing to helping customers completely trust and be assured of the quality of products and services. Recently in Bac Ninh City, Welmax Level 1 Distributor has represented and signed a contract with a customer to supply colorful tile and circuit glue products for a prestigious and classy 5-star hotel project. the highest level of Kinh Bac.

Park renovation and urban planning project

Recently, Welmax Vietnam signed a contract with a general contractor for the renovation, replacement and construction of amusement parks and high-class urban art marble corridors of some provinces. southwest. It is known that this is a large-scale project chain and for the first time applying high-tech technology, replacing the conventional construction method.

Hanoi Architecture Art Castle Project

The level of construction works is the castles and villas of trillions of dong. To create that luxury, Welmax Vietnam is proud to accompany art architecture projects. Welmax offers a line of high-quality tile adhesives and circuit glues for castle tiling projects, With tiles and stones up to 2mx2m in size, to ensure durability, certainty, safety but high requirements. In terms of aesthetics,

Floor construction project of high-class apartments

With the rapid development of infrastructure in recent years, along with it is the strict demand for the quality of the finishing works. The team of engineers and construction contractors have trusted Welmax Vietnam and signed contracts for high-class apartment construction projects in Hanoi city. With volume up to hundreds of tons per day. Meeting the demand for quality as well as urgent

Dong Anh art swimming pool construction project

With the meticulous investment in the quality of Mosaic glass tiles for a swimming pool project over 500m2, Mr. Thu - a fastidious customer came to WELMAX Vietnam to negotiate and ask for cooperation in using Welmax's products for his project. Welmax Vietnam's professional engineers and construction workers have surveyed and implemented the project, completed and put it into stable operation.